Criticism and disappointment in France for the nationalization in Spain of Laporte

05/12/2021 at 11:10 CEST


The nationalization in Spain of the central Manchester City Aymeric laporte With a view to his participation with the national team at Euro 2020, he has generated criticism and disappointment in France, the country where he was born and where he grew up.

L’Équipe analyzes this Wednesday “Why Laporte has chosen the Red “, and relates it above all to the fact that until now he has not been able to play with the absolute French team, but also that he could have” an important role “in the Spanish scheme for that European Championship.

The French sports newspaper notes that “Laporte he has succumbed to the Iberian sirens when he has never yet worn the shirt of the French team A “.

The former Athletic Bilbao player had indeed played 24 games in various competitions with the lower categories of the “bleus” and had even been selected three times by Didier deschamps, but none of the three curdled.

The last time was in August 2019 for the Eurocup qualification campaign, but the center-back was then injured and the invitation could not materialize.

L’Équipe recalls some of his statements in March in which he stated that wearing the French national team shirt “has always been” his “dream” and that when he did it in the lower categories it had been “one of the best experiences” of his life.

Also that the fact of not having been able to play any match with the “bleus” was a thorn in his mind, and that he had even sent a message to Didier deschamps for which he had received no reply.

In another television interview in November, Laporte He acknowledged that not playing for the French national team was “a great disappointment” for him, especially after five years in the lower categories: “You have to accept it and work hard and assert yourself to get back to level.”

The newspaper does not deprive itself of reproducing other words of his on Basque television ETB in December 2018. At that time, he claimed to believe that the French coach had not called him up for “personal reasons” and emphasized that he had “chosen France”, that he was French, in that he did not even have dual citizenship and was not going to ask for it.

Aymeric laporte has received criticism from people in the world of French football, such as the former player and current sportscaster Jérôme Rothen, who has described it as “opportunistic”.

In an intervention this Tuesday on his radio station, RMC, Rothen said he was upset by the decision to Laporte to nationalize Spanish, after having signed up as a possible player of the French team for which he had been summoned in 2016, 2017 and 2019.

“When you sign up and feel French, you go with France. If you feel Spanish, you go with Spain. But don’t be opportunistic,” said the former French international, close to Didier deschamps.

Emmanuel Petit, who also defended the shirt of the “bleus” in his career as a footballer, has also charged against Laporte in RMC and has said that he does not like what he has done: “So you can choose the country you want? (…) He had claimed his love for the French team and suddenly he goes to Spain”.

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