Critical moment for Juventus

05/13/2021 at 10:55 PM CEST

Roger Payró

More lost than a penguin in a desert. This is Juventus, which for the last nine years has been out on ‘Scudetto’ by season dominating Italy with an iron fist. The tenth consecutive has not arrived, fault of the Inter of ‘his’ Antonio Conte. However, the loss of its hegemony in the boot of Europe is the least of its problems; with two days remaining, Andrea Pirlo’s team is out of the positions that give access to the Champions League. That would be a real hecatomb.

One does not get used to seeing ‘Vecchia Signora’ on these paths. If the tragedy is consummated it would be the first time in ten years -just since his winning cycle began- that he did not qualify for the highest continental club competition.

Nor the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo, top scorer in Serie A with 28, are saving the Piedmontese team. The Portuguese wet in the last victory to Sassuolo (1-3) but neither Atalanta, nor Milan nor Naples failed. Juve need at least one stumble from the partenopeos and / or two from the ‘Dea’ and the ‘rossoneri’, who face each other on the last day and depending on how it is given, a ‘biscotto’ could be worth them. The Turin team has the ‘goal average’ lost with all three.

The non-negotiable thing, yes, is that Andrea Pirlo’s men win the two remaining games. And the first obstacle is Inter, which could give him the lurch and lead them to an ‘annus horribilis’. The Italian Super Cup is the only title that the ‘Vecchia Signora’ has added this course, a conquest that seems scarce for an entity that aims to greater heights.

Downed by Porto in the second round of the Champions League – in a new European disappointment – and with these ominous predictions in Serie A, only the final of the Coppa against Atalanta could make up a season that is on the way to being one of the hardest in its award-winning history.

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