Cristina Pedroche has experienced a strong blow this Thursday. The presenter has lost her grandmother as she has narrated on social networks. A sad goodbye to which is added the impotence of not being able to pass this duel with his relatives.

And it is that as a result of the measures taken by the Government of Spain to face the advance of the coronavirus COVID-19, all the burning chapels have been canceled, whether they are deceased by the virus or for other causes.

For this reason, Pedroche has not been able to leave the house to say goodbye to his grandmother or to be with the rest of his family: “They are being very hard days. Horrible days. They seem to be taken from a nightmare from which, not only do I want, but I NEED to wake up. Many people are dying (not only because of the virus) and they don’t let us say goodbye to them. They don’t let us be with our relatives, they don’t let us watch over them. “

And it is that for the presenter “giving them the last goodbye makes us human beings. Being accompanied in the duel. I know that the cause for which we are all fighting is more important and that’s why I don’t leave home, that’s why I’m not going to give one last kiss to my grandmother Dominga “.

A message in which you do not want to forget yours: “A hug to my aunt Chule and my aunt Angela. A kiss to my cousin Iván. To my cousins ​​Dani, Edu, Angelines, Cristi, Vanesa … To them already I’ll give it to him when we can go out again. Grandma, I won’t be able to, but I know you’ll be with your little sister. “

And it ended with a message of encouragement for all those who have experienced a situation similar to hers: “This heart is my way of watching over those who are no longer there. A lot of encouragement to all the family members who are going through this situation of not to say goodbye to your loved ones. You are not alone. We are all together. “