‘La resistance’ closed its third season on Thursday with a fun interview with Cristina Pedroche. The collaborator of ‘El hormiguero’ and ‘Zapeando’ spoke of « his » Rayo Vallecano, the neighborhood that united him to David Broncano for years and of course answered the classic # 0 show questions.

Cristina Pedroche and David Broncano, in ‘The resistance’

For starters, Pedroche recognized that Pablo Motos was also a fan of ‘La resistance’. « Have we ever talked about this program and he says he likes it a lot, that you are very nice. » Broncano did not think twice and proposed to call the presenter of Antena 3. « I am not going to call him, he is going to think it is something serious. Who calls without sending an audio or something? », The guest claimed, making it clear that she only picked up without notice her mother and her husband, chef Dabiz Muñoz: « They are the only ones who have free rein. » They ended up sending the audio, but Motos couldn’t call them back: « Say hi to everyone, but I’m going into rehearsal right now« was read in his message.

To answer the money question, Pedroche gave the Rayo Vallecano budget as an example, although with nuances. « There is something in the bank, I am very economical, although people think that I earn more than I really earn. The Rayo Vallecano budget, well twelve times less« The program searched the internet and noted the figure of 19 million euros, but she believed it was 12 million. »I have just under a million euros, but with many debts« he ended up confessing.

Married couples

About sexual relations in the last month, the guest made excuses for routine and work. « You already know what is said about married couples, which is becoming less and less », he acknowledged about his well-known relationship with Dabiz Muñoz: « We eat three or four times a week« Pedroche finally recognized.