Cristiano would like to have my power, says Lukaku


The Belgian Romelu lukaku acknowledged that he would like to have “the dribble and the way of hitting the ball” from Cristiano Ronaldo, which he will face this Sunday in the round of 16 of the Eurocup in La Cartuja de Sevilla, but assured that the Portuguese would like to have his “power and aim”.

I would like to have his dribble and his way of hitting the ball, but he would like to have my power and my aim.“, he declared, revealing that facing the Portuguese in Serie A has allowed him to improve” on a personal level “as a player.

The Inter Milan footballer acknowledged his admiration for Cristiano, the top scorer at the Euro Cups and that with his two goals against France he equaled the record Ali daei of 109 international goals. “They are impressive numbers. If there is anyone who can achieve those numbers, it is him, congratulations, “he said.

“How old is he, 36? Juve got knocked out of the Champions League against Porto; they got criticized, and I was like ‘oh, it’s incredible.’ Then in the next game, he scored a hat-trick. It’s motivating when you have someone in your own league who can do it at that age, so you think, Why can’t I get to that level or as close as possible?“, he assured.


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