“Cristiano was in love with him”

06/11/2021 at 11:43 AM CEST

Daniel Guillen

The AS Roma coach, Jose Mourinho, has praised Karim Benzema and acknowledged that Cristiano Ronaldo considered him one of the best forwards in the world for The Sun: “The best compliment you can give Karim Benzema is that Cristiano Ronaldo was in love with him at Real Madrid”.

The Portuguese, who coincided with both during his time in the capital, highlighted all the virtues of the French striker: “Karim is probably the only number 9 I know who is not selfish in his game. His vision is amazing, the way he enjoys his football is playing with a lot of freedom.”.

The also ex of Chelsea, Manchester United or Inter has emphasized that the Benzema-Mbappé connection is very similar to that of Kane-Son, whom he knows well from his time at the helm of Tottenham: “Karim will get the best out of Mbappé, as he did in Madrid with Cristiano. Like Kane with Son: the way the coach interacts with the one who attacks space and makes diagonal runs. I think Karim, in that team in France, can do it very, very well “.

France, the great favorite; Ronaldo, Benzema, Kane and Lukaku, the MVP candidates

Mourinho assures that France can become the new European champion after winning the World Cup in 2018. With the call of Karim Benzema, who It is doubtful for the debut after retiring with physical ailments in the last commitment of the Deschamps, the Gauls are the big favorites.

On the possible MVP of the tournament, the Portuguese did not hesitate: Benzema, Kane, Lukaku and Ronaldo have many numbers. “I’d say Harry scores more goals and probably has more killer instincts (than Benzema). But Karim, as a player, is absolutely incredible and when you look at the French team and imagine Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé playing with him, I think it can be a great thing.“, he sentenced.

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