The former president of Juventus Giovanni Cobolli Gigi has criticized the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo in a moment as complicated as this one. The Portuguese striker asked permission to leave for his country after his mother suffered a stroke. However, the 7th bianconero seems to be living a vacation in Madeira in the opinion of the former president of the Piedmont team. “He went to Portugal for his mother, but he only hangs photos in the pool”, Cobolli has said to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is receiving harsh criticism in Italy. The Portuguese player received a favorable treatment and the club allowed him to skip the quarantine imposed on all Juventus players by confirming the positive for Andrea Rugani’s coronavirus. The forward asked for permission to leave for Portugal since his mother had just suffered a stroke. The Bianconero team conceded it and this has generated a feeling of favoritism with the Portuguese star, especially at a moment so critical for everyone in Italy.

A behavior that many have not liked and that Giovanni Cobolli Gigi, former president of Juventus, He wanted to make clear with his statements on Radio Punto Nuovo. “Things at Juventus got complicated when Cristiano Ronaldo left. He said he was going to Portugal for his mother, but now he only seems to be taking pictures in the pool », values. In addition, that march generated suspicion among the soccer players. «When this exception was made, the situation fell apart and others wanted to leave. It shouldn’t have been like this. They should all have been quarantined, “says Gigi, upset by the fact that other footballers have also returned to their respective countries.

For Gigi, the fact that many Serie A players have fled to their countries will create an added problem when they return to form. «Criticizing now is easy, but, seen from the outside, I don’t understand why some players wanted to leave Italy. When they return, it will be more difficult to get back in shape, because they will have to be quarantined for 14 days », recalled the former bianconero president.