Cristiano Ronaldo’s strict diet

06/25/2021 at 7:51 PM CEST

In soccer, there is no success without sacrifice. And that Cristiano Ronaldo knows. If not, he would not be playing at the level he is doing at 36 years old already. The Juventus and Portugal striker is still far from retirement and one of the reasons is how well he is doing physically. Despite his age, the one from Madeira is in top shape and one of the keys would be his strict diet.

“He always eats the same thing. Broccoli, chicken and rice. With liters of water, without Coca-Cola, of course,” said Daouda Peeters, a Juventus U-23 player who sees Cristiano closely on a day-to-day basis. This was stated in an interview with ‘HLN’.

In it, he also praised the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo and his gene to compete to always be the best: “Cristiano always wants to win And everywhere. And even though he didn’t know me very well at the time, he still tried to get the most out of me. He is someone who makes young players grow. It really involves you. ”

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