In the era of social networks, an “unfollow” means much more than not following someone and there are already many cases in which it has served toannounce a breakup or an enmity.This is how they have understood the unfollow ofDolores Aveiro to Georgina Rodriguezthe Portuguese press.

Although much has already been said about the relationship between the woman ofCristiano Ronaldoand her mother, pointing out that the Spanish was not received with enthusiasm in the family environment, the truth is that it seemed that the waters had calmed down. However,The controversy has risen after Dolores has stopped following her daughter-in-law on Instagram.

But this time the footballer’s mother has broken her silence to justify what happened with an excuse that has not convinced the Portuguese media, and that is that she has assured thatthis is an error:“I just don’t know how to use Instagram. This text has been written by my daughter (I still don’t know how to make stories). I only know how to post photos and read comments,” Aveiro said.

But her daughter Elma has been much more forceful: “I just came across this news, and I begin to think that, in addition to this pandemic is affecting lives,it is also affecting brains.I don’t want to be rude, but sometimes I feel like sending them all to hell. I only ask one thing, that they respect my family and especially my mother, and that they do not invent things that do not make sense, “he declared, publishing the news of the alleged bad relationship between mother and daughter.

Georgina Rodríguez has remained completely oblivious to the controversyand turning a deaf ear, he has boasted of a great body through his own Instagram account, where he has announced that he has starred in his first Portuguese cover, appearing in Women’s Health magazine, where his sister-in-law Katia has told him, thus demonstrating the good relationship that would unite.