Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet to be like this at 36

Everybody knows that Cristiano Ronaldo leaves nothing to chance. That the Portuguese footballer continues to be so fit at 36 years old, breaking records and being key in his team and in his selection, not only due to his talent. Behind there is a demanding daily work, not only in training, but also in what refers to his diet.

For the Portuguese it is essential to take care of himself and he makes it clear whenever they ask him about this type of thing. Now, a teammate of his at Juventus has gone further and has revealed his routine and secret diet to maintain his spectacular figure and physical shape at 36 years old. “He always eats the same thing. Broccoli, chicken and rice. With liters of water, without Coca-Cola, of course », account Daouda peeters, a young Guinean player in an interview for a Belgian media.

«Cristiano wants to win always and everywhere. And even though he didn’t know me very well at the time, he still tried to get the most out of me. He is someone who makes young players grow. It really involves you, “he adds. Daouda Peeters, for whom Cristiano Ronaldo is a true reference and with whom he has shared a dressing room at Juventus.

These words of the young man with Belgian nationality come after the controversy that arose as a result of the gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo removing two bottles of Coca-Cola of the press conference that he was going to offer during the Eurocup and encourage people to drink water. And it is not the first time that the Portuguese is so blunt on these issues. A few months ago, the Portuguese recognized in an interview that his son has some customs that he does not like in reference to the consumption of soft drinks and snacks: «I am hard with my son. Sometimes baby Coke and Fanta, and he eats chips and he knows I don’t like it.

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