Several sources claim that the Portuguese has one of the exclusive copies

The Juventus player adds this model to his garage together with the Veyron and the Chiron

An amputated season and the possibility of seeing his emoluments reduced do not seem to have taken a toll on Cristiano Ronaldo’s passion for great cars, the fastest and most exclusive. Not even when it involves signing a check for eight million euros to Bugatti for his limited Centodieci model and another important tax spike to the treasury.

The Italian press and the German magazine Bild assure that Cristiano Ronaldo will be one of the 10 privileged drivers who will be able to enjoy the Bugatti Centodieci, the most luxurious and brilliant ultra sports car that the French brand has ever launched. As is known, it is based on the Chiron, with a 1,600 horsepower engine, thanks to its W16 four-turbo, eight-liter engine.

It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in just six seconds and in just thirteen seconds it reaches 300 kilometers per hour. A car created as a tribute to the Italian financier and industrialist Romano Artoli who bought Bugatti in his day and started the recovery of the brand with the EB110.

The Juventus Turin center forward already has two other Bugatti. A Veyron was first ‘self-presented’ for victory in Euro 2016 with Portugal; at that time he was a Real Madrid player. Later it was done with a Chiron to go completing a collection that has not stopped growing and that includes a McLaren Senna and a P1, among others.

Of course, in Cristiano’s garage, it seems, two of the last three exclusive Bugatti are missing: There is no news that there is a Divo or a ‘La Voiture Noire’, models that like the Centodieci are very special versions, very limited –a dozen copies– and astronomical prices.

In any case, Ronaldo is expected to ask for some personalization details. The initials CR7 should not be missing – the initials of its name along with its characteristic number – as in its two other Bugatti.

These exclusive cars can be considered in some cases as “refuge values”. At the moment they go up in price when their owners decide to put them on the market, usually in some big auction. And it can present tax advantages and therefore an alternative to current account liquidity.

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