Cristiano Ronaldo joins Messi to help an eight-month-old baby

With the donations of the soccer players, it is expected to reach the figure to cover the treatment.

Photo: Josep LAGO / AFP / Getty Images

Once again, sports stars show their human side by trying help people who need a helping hand and support them in times of difficulty. On this occasion, two of the greatest exponents in the history of football have decided to join forces to collaborate in the treatment of a eight-month-old boy with spinal atrophy. The protagonists of this charity event are Cristiano Ronaldo Y Lionel messi, footballers who have decided to auction part of their clothing to help raise the money needed.

According to information from the EFE agency, Cristiano Ronaldo would have given one of his shirts to collaborate with the cause. This clothing was auctioned for more than € 11,000 euros ($ 13,285 dollars). This money will be duly given to help the 8-month-old Serbian child. According to the Mozzart Sport portal, the baby you suffer from spinal muscular atrophy that significantly affects your health. If they manage to raise the necessary money, the infant will be able to cover the medical care expenses that would be incurred outside of Serbia.

Before this news, the soccer player of the FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, did not want to be left behind and also decided donate a t-shirt of yours to put up for auction. In this way, the Argentine footballer would do his bit for the cause. The jersey is expected to be put up for sale in the next few days.

Besides Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, several footballers of the Serbian national team also decided to collaborate in this act of solidarity.

CR7 bracelet

The controversial captain tape that Cristiano Ronaldo threw to the ground in annoyance, in the middle of a match between Portugal and Serbia, set a precedent for this case. That clothing was collected by a firefighter who was at the football stadium. This person gave up the bracelet and put it up for auction. The CR7 garment managed to raise an impressive € 64,000 euros ($ 77,294 dollars).

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