Mexican singer Cristian Castro allegedly attacked and severely beat his mother, also actress and singer Verónica Castro, who had to be hospitalized after the episode of violence.

June 23, 2020

A few years ago, Cristian castro would have savagely beaten his mother Veronica, who had to be hospitalized and the doctors were horrified by the damage it caused.

This was revealed by the Mexican TV host and actress Yolanda Andrade, who had a secret romance with Veronica Castro for five and a half years.

According to Andrade, Veronica Castro He got into the middle of a discussion between Cristian Castro and his grandmother, Verónica’s mother and recently deceased Doña Socorro.

According to Andrade, the blows he gave him Cristian Her mother, who included kicking her hip and an attempt to hang her, took Veronica Castro to the hospital.

« Veronica she got into the lawsuit and was beaten (…) she even sent her to the hospital, from the blows she gave her (…) When we were in the hospital I told her please I ask you, you have to tell the truth, so in the hospital obviously she was very badly hit in the neck because he hanged her and kicked her in the hip and Veronica was very ill, « confessed the former partner of Verónica Castro.

When this episode happened, rumors indicated that Cristian Castro would have beaten his mother after learning of his romantic relationship with Andrade, but apparently the reason was different.

On the other hand, Yolanda Andrade confirmed what was already known and revealed never-before-known details of her engagement with Verónica Castro.

« We started our relationship after my participation in a program called ‘Big brother’, (Big Brother), but before there was a friendship because I made a soap opera with Cristian (Castro) called » The secret intentions. « Later « Big brother », we started the relationship and it lasted five and a half years, « Andrade confessed.