Cristian Castro reveals that being the son of Loco Valdez was scary and embarrassing | Instagram

Harsh words from the singer Cristian castro towards his father, the comedian, Manuel « El Loco Valdez » after pointing out that being his son produced « fear and shame ».

The interpreter of « Azul » revealed that as a child he was very afraid of his father, the so-called comedian Manuel « Crazy« Valdés.

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The also son of the actress, host and singer, Veronica Castro points out that it was one of the strong reasons why she never lived with him, and for him he was always like a stranger.

I was always afraid, honestly very afraid. That’s the word I didn’t want him to have those long eyebrows. I was a little embarrassed at school, because obviously it generates a lot of bullying that your dad was El Loco Valdés, ”said the singer on the Fut Azteca program.

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Cristian He spent much of his life without the presence of his father near him, and confesses that the affection he feels for him is like that of a « friend ».

I did not grow up with my dad, sadly and sadly. It gives me great pleasure to be a product of that romance and I thank God for being my father’s son, but I consider him a friend, an acquaintance. I cannot consider him as a father because I did not feel it. My uncles replaced the idea of ​​dad a little, that is sad, because his absence was not felt. « 

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For some years, father and son have somehow come closer and currently the relationship with the comedian « it is good « , behind rancor and resentment, however they remain somewhat distant.

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It is worth mentioning that the interpreter had a very lucky life next to his famous mother and likewise his grandmother, Mrs. Doña Socorro Castro who recently lost his life.

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Likewise, the presence of his other relatives on the maternal side made him not resent the absence of the father figure since he led a normal and happy life, as revealed by La Botana media.