Singer Cristian Castro said that his mother, Verónica Castro, is the one who must handle the issue of the accusations related to a supposed beating of hers against her, and explained ambiguously that in her family « the fights never ended and always ended. »

Likewise, he attributed the Castro problems to “possessiveness” and to the contribution of each member.

« We have a lot of possessiveness. I feel that my mom is mine, she feels that I am hers. The same with my grandmother and my aunt. That’s how I treated them and that’s how they treated me. It is a family that has distinguished itself for that reason, and for that reason we were selfish with the couples who arrived, we were a bit sour and we did not distinguish ourselves unfortunately for having sweetness with the couples of the others, ”he said.

Even so, he considered that these types of problems are common in all families.

Veteran Mexican actress Yolanda Andrade pointed out a few days ago that the singer had beaten his mother, Verónica Castro, to the extent that the actress had to visit the hospital, as her son caused serious injuries.

“I went for her, I took her to the hospital and she said that they had assaulted us; it was a lie after lie. He hanged her and kicked her on the stairs, it was very bad … the blows he gave his mother were not my fault and it was not because he found out about the relationship. It broke his entire back and neck, ”Andrade said in an interview in Argentina.

+ His father’s work

On other issues, Cristian Castro was also sincere in admitting that he wanted to be a better father, since he considers that when he had his first daughter, he did not feel prepared, because he perceived himself as a very young person who could not give an example to his sons.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have that much of a father, I would like to be more like a father, I would like to be a more loving and caring father. Maybe I’m not what I want because I’m lazy and I love my laziness, « he confessed.

However, he was proud of his three children and said that, in his view, he would like them to play an instrument, pursue a career and military service, something that he supports for men and women.

The Mexican confessed on Thursday as never before to the press in Mexico, to which he presented his new song « When I come back to life, » the . agency reported.

The interpreter of topics such as « Azul » said he understood that journalists are interested in his family and « gossip », although he acknowledged that he has had a life of contrasts during which he has made mistakes.

“I like my mistakes, I like to make them and I don’t want to be that artist who is always happy and who is never losing control. The most beautiful thing about an artist is losing control. I really like the mistake and I really like the hit and now we made a hit with this song ”, he detailed about his most recent release.