The Chilean tennis player Christian garin He gave an interview to La Tercera, where he spoke about all the current affairs of the tennis world and showed his complaints about the new points system that has undoubtedly hurt him in his attempt to fight to enter the world top ten for the first time. Garin also confesses to having had symptoms of having caught the coronavirus in April, but the test came back negative.

-The times of the coronavirus pandemic:

“It has not been an easy experience, especially at the beginning that I was almost three months in Chile. During that time I could not see my coach Andrés Schneiter and when I saw that the situation improved a little in my country, I quickly went to Miami to to be able to meet with my team and start preparing for the return of tennis. We have been training on a private court and we hardly ever get out of there. Here in Miami people are very aware and everyone wears a mask. Miami is a great place to be right now. During these weeks I have trained very hard and I have played with other players that are around here and I notice that I have improved a little in my tennis “.

-Difficulty for tennis to return at the moment:

“They are working very hard for tennis to return in the next few weeks but I see it as very complicated. I have not yet confirmed 100% which tournaments I am going to play and which ones I am not. They have been very complicated weeks in the aspect of preparation for a tournament. I feel that the tennis they are proposing is not the best. I am waiting to hear news and start playing. I really want to compete again but obviously one is more attentive to the safety and health measures that are going to take. Tennis moves a lot of people and it will be difficult to concentrate a lot of people. I don’t know if they can achieve that all the players can be locked up. I see it complicated but we will have to see. “

-Highly hurt with the new points system?

“There has been a lot of talk about this in recent weeks and the truth is that I did not understand it completely well. I think that the decision they have made has not been the most appropriate for everyone since many tennis players, including myself, hurts us With all the tournament cancellations and with what has happened, I think they are going to rethink it again. I hope the ATP will change this but I don’t think it will do so at the moment, since in their head is among other things to serve the US Open going forward. Depending on that tournament we will know if there will be a lot of tennis or not in 2020. “

-Garin tested negative for coronavirus in April:

“In April I felt very bad and there were suspicions that I had been infected. I was confined at home and had not gone out at all, but I had an incredible discomfort. It lasted three days and they did the test in which the result was negative. I did not repeat the test, but what is true is that I was in bed for a week and then two more months at home. I had a fever and a swollen tonsils. I was afraid not only for myself, but for the people who surrounds “.

-Goals changed for this 2020:

“At first my goal was to get into the top ten, but now with the change in scoring that goal has changed. Now the ranking system is different and it hurts me. My goal at the moment is to compete, as goals Specific at the moment is difficult. My intention is to improve week after week and I think I am doing it. With everything that has been going on and how tennis is at the moment, thinking about the top ten would be a bit unreal. I have this in mind, but I approach it differently. “