Crisis at Mexicana Universal: they are the queens who supported Sofía Aragón and rose up against Lupita Jones

From left to right, Sofía Aragón, Nebai Torres, Cynthia de la Vega and Denisse Franco (Photos: sofaragon - nebaitc - cynthiadelav denissefrancop (IG)) From left to right, Sofía Aragón, Nebai Torres, Cynthia de la Vega and Denisse Franco (Photos: sofaragon – nebaitc – cynthiadelav denissefrancop (IG))

“I know where they all come from, and from what foot they limp. From the drug addict, the alcoholic, etc. Many stories, and I have all of them to talk about. Of all”.

With those words, Lupita jones, National Director of Mexicana Universal and Miss Universe 1991, responded to all the beauty queens who this week raised their voices and They accused her of having abused them psychologically, and of having hindered their triumph in the international competitions to which they were presented.

The controversy broke out this Tuesday, after the crude revelations of Sofía Aragón, current bearer of the Crown of Mexico, and second finalist in Miss Universe 2019. In a direct through Instagram, the Jalisco model revealed that she accepted her job at TV Azteca and breached the exclusivity contract with Mexicana Universal, because Lupita Jones didn’t pay him a peso.

She explained that during her preparation for the international contest, she had to pay for all the expenses of rent, water, subsistence and gas to live in Mexico City, and in the end he no longer had “to eat” or to go to the doctor. He accused the organizer of “symbolic violence” and revealed that he had forbidden him to hand over the Crown to the woman who will become his successor in the 2020 edition.

“The strongest symbolic violence that I experienced was during my preparation. And the truth is that I think it was time to raise my voice, and I know that many queens are going to join because I’m not the first, I won’t be the last “, advanced in her video Sofía Aragón.

As she predicted, several beauty queens of the last decade supported her version and spoke of their experiences with Lupita Jones. These are their stories.

Cynthia de la vega

(Photo: IG - Cynthia de la Vega) (Photo: IG – Cynthia de la Vega)

One of the most notorious scandals of Lupita Jones was her conflict with Cynthia de la Vega, who was going to represent Mexico in Miss Universe 2011. During her preparation for the international contest, the organizer described the Nuevo León model as “undisciplined” and uncompromising, and decided to strip her of the Crown.

According to the 19-year-old, the real reason for her dismissal was her weight. Jones had warned her that she must lose weight within a month; otherwise, she would be left out and a substitute would be sent to the contest. At that moment, his dream turned into a nightmare.

“Seeing myself under pressure and stress was what caused me to block and not advance according to what Lucita asked, but it was not a noticeable overweight thing. I asked for more physical classes, a diet with a specialized nutritionist, to extend my gym hours because according to her, in my evaluations my problem was always the body, but they did not help me, they were denied me, that because she wasn’t going to invest money in me if I didn’t lose weight “Cynthia revealed then, in an interview with her aunt, Barbara Coppel.

The constant negative messages towards her figure made the model suffer later self-esteem problems and eating disorders. According to his version, Lupita Jones confirmed in front of a notary that the Crown was taken away from him for not having met the weight requirements and the nutritional care that the organization demanded. At that moment, her concept of the former Miss Universe changed forever.

“I had heard that she was too strict a person, I even had conversations with participants who also complained about their attitude and treatment towards them, and now I have to live it, but with the difference that I stand up because I don’t want this to mess my image, and above all to be a testimony for those who follow behind me, who do not have to go through this. Mrs. Jones is a cold, proud and calculating woman “, said.

(Photo: IG. @Cynthiadelav) (Photo: IG. @Cynthiadelav)(Photo: IG. @Cynthiadelav) (Photo: IG. @Cynthiadelav)

Through her Instagram, Cynthia republished several photographs in which fans criticized Lupita Jones, and repudiated the comments she made this Tuesday to refer to the queens who spoke out against her, of whom said that some are “alcoholic” or “drug addicted”, In addition to stating that Sofía Aragón did not bathe, had “traumas” and “insecurities”, she was depressive, “manipulative, cold and calculating”, among other outrageous insults.

Also on her social network, Cynthia shared the reflection of a user who denounced some of the unfortunate attitudes of the organizer.

“1. You should never make fun of and use their illnesses against a person, much less if they are mental. 2. He should never have called his former queens drug addicts, alcoholics, much less allow a guy to call them ‘sluts. 3. If contests are empowering and you are supposed to support them, why do you minimize others by calling them contests in a derogatory way, because they did not hold a pandemic event? 4. How dare you threaten the other queens with telling personal things, if they talk about the injustices they experienced professionally? 5. Empowering women will never make them feel bad about their body or their person, “the text said.

Denisse Franco

Denisse Franco (Photo: IG - Denisse Franco) Denisse Franco (Photo: IG – Denisse Franco)

Another of the scandals that gave something to talk about was that of Denisse Franco, Miss Mexico in 2017. The Sinaloa representative did not manage to be among the 15 finalists of Miss Universe, and upon returning from the pageant, she denounced that Lupita Jones had not supported her, and had deliberately hindered her contest. The controversy escalated, and fans of the beauty queen demanded the immediate dismissal of the organizer, and asked to be replaced by Ximena Navarrete, who was Miss Universe in 2010.

Of course, Lupita Jones denied the accusations, and assured that she had not sabotaged Denisse Franco. However, when she returned from the contest, she did admit that she was “disappointed” and “sad” by the qualification of the Sinaloan.

“Everything they have said about the little support Denisse received in the contest is a lie … How am I going to ground my work? I consider myself a businesswoman, a business woman, and the worst thing would be to throw at what I have built […] I supported her in everything that was in our hands, and it is a lie that I sabotaged her so that she would not be among the top 15, “the Director of Mexicana Universal concluded.

(Photo: IG - Denisse Franco) (Photo: IG – Denisse Franco)

After the scandal, he continued to lead the organization. But since then, a distance has arisen between her and Ximena Navarrete, who fervently supported Denisse Franco throughout the process. Although Miss Universe 2010 has not made any statement so far, Denisse Franco did speak and supported Sofía Aragón.

“Brief comment: These are not hours to give statements, but I want to tell you that at all times I was calm because I know that I gave what I had to give during my reign, even though I was accused of being undisciplined with a lack of commitment (even by the organization). In spite of that, I am infinitely grateful to the organization for having given me the opportunity to represent my country, it was a very important stage, of great growth and I will always be grateful, ”the beauty queen began in a message spread through her instastories.

“As for what Sofía mentions in her live, I can also tell you that things are not as easy as they make them see and only those of us who live the experience know what is behind, I am not the one to judge nor am I accusing anyone, but things could be different and we would obtain (sic) better results if there was better communication between each member of the organization and we worked as a team, leaving aside the ego with the only one objective of obtaining that crown, I assure you that if things were like this we would already have (sic) another crown for our country ”, he added.

Nebai torres

(Photo: IG - Nebai Torres) (Photo: IG – Nebai Torres)

On her Instagram account, Nebai Torres, top 15 in Miss International 2018, shared the video of Sofía Aragón. As will happen to the host of TV Azteca, this model from Jalisco did not give the crown to her successor, since Lupita Jones said that the organization did not have funds to pay for the transfer and accommodation.

Although it is unknown in detail what was the experience of Nebai Torres with the Director of Mexicana Universal, on Wednesday afternoon, she and Sofía Aragón will perform a live show in which they will tell their story.

Sofia Aragon

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Miss Universe Organization / ZUMA Wire / Shutterstock (10495225af) Sofía Aragón, Miss Mexico 2019 backstage during The Miss Universe Competition Miss Universe Competition, Backstage, Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta, USA - 08 Dec 2019 Mandatory Credit: Photo by Miss Universe Organization / ZUMA Wire / Shutterstock (10495225af) Sofía Aragón, Miss Mexico 2019 backstage during The Miss Universe Competition Miss Universe Competition, Backstage, Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta, USA – 08 Dec 2019

Sofía Aragón’s statements were the most recent. Although he always spoke from education, his words were incendiary, since they set off the fury of Lupita Jones, who dedicated numerous insults to the Azteca host on Tuesday through a direct on Instagram.

“I know where Sofía Aragón comes from, I know who Sofía Aragón is. Sofía arrived tearing her veins, crawling without bathing in total depression, because of everything they said about her on social networks. That girl lived in total depression all the time selling herself like a mature woman when she is not like that. From the first day it arrived at my office I read it perfect. A manipulative, cold, calculating woman, who will always come to tell you what you want to hear, or what she thinks you want to hear. No one was really putting up with her, ”Jones said.

His way of referring to former beauty queens sparked outrage on social media, which is calling for his imminent removal.


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