Crystals and its artistic style that is inspired by stained glass will arrive at different stores next November 17, 2020, so we still have to wait a few months to embark on this adventure that will simultaneously show us the past, the present and the future. However, little by little we are learning more details about the game and its physical edition, since now It has been revealed what will be the image that will accompany the cover of its physical edition in the hybrid console version of the Great N.

Cris Tales finally reveals the image of his cover

There are many titles that announce their different editions and their release dates on Nintendo Switch daily, but few of them manage to generate as much expectation as Cris Tales. Thus, since it was presented at the last E3 of 2019, there are many players who are wanting to know more and more about what this adventure located in 3 seasons will bring us, and although this time we do not see anything of the game itself Also, now we can see how its cover will be on the hybrid console of the Big N thanks to the tab that has been created in the global version of the giant Amazon. Thus, as we can see, different characters appear in this main image, all of them around its protagonist, who is somewhat larger in size and in the central position, which makes the eyes focus on her first.

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In this way, and with this first look at what will be its edition in physical format, we have no choice but to continue waiting for more news from Cris Tales, which will surely make the wait until mid-November much more bearable. And you, will you get a physical edition of this title that has an artistic style of the most peculiar?