Crimson Heist, year 6 and more

On the late night of February 21, Ubisoft announced all the official news that it will have Rainbow Six: Siege in year 6 of the game, specifically, the 2021 season and the modifications that will greatly affect the game.

In fact, it is one of the years that more changes will be added in the aspect of the gameplay, because many things related to the operators, the moment of being dead and the actions that we can do will change.

Therefore, we are going to review the most important changes that will be implemented throughout 2021, and the most relevant news for Rainbow Six: Siege, both for casual and professional players.

The most important changes of year 6

Operation Crimson Heist

The first operation of the year will enter the TS (Test Server) on February 22nd and all the changes that we will mention just below can be tested.

Changes to maps and new implementations

With the first Crimson Heist operation will come the Argentine attacker Flores and the redesign of Border

In season 2 of 2021 an agent of Nakoda and the redesign of Favela

Season 3 will bring an agent from Croatia and they will be redesigned three maps

Finally, in season 4, an agent from Ireland will arrive and it will be redesigned Remote Territory

Honor system and behavior

An honor system will be implemented with which each player will have a different rank: from the lowest that can impose sanctions and bans to the highest that will give us objects and rewards.

Major gameplay changes

New weapon: GONNE-6

It is a secondary weapon with a single projectile that can destroy armored devices
They will have it Glaz, Dokkaebi, Lion, Finka, Gridlock, Amaru, Iana and Zero

Players will be able to control cameras and devices after his death

An attempt will be made to intensify support phase and that the fallen players do not disengage with the game

Major changes in shielding

Armor 1 = 100 health
Armor 2 = 120 health
Armor 3 = 140 health

Re-elect operator in attack in the first phase of the game

These changes are not yet confirmed, but Ubisoft is considering the possibility that attackers can change their operator based on what they see in the attack phase.

These changes will be a before and after in the game, since the fact of being dead and being able to give information to the rest of your team has never been seen in Rainbow Six: Siege, and we will have to see how the players react.

Much more customization

Starting in Year 6, Elite skins will have more customization options. In addition, Ubisoft has confirmed a collaboration with Capcom and Resident Evil, and events and aspects of this game are expected. Confirmed: Echo and Dokkaebi on March 2.

Changes in the TS (Test Server)

Another interesting implementation will be the changes in the TS, which will receive long before the changes in this server and any player will be able to check all these settings before they are implemented. This will allow Ubisoft to see how all your changes affect.

Changes in esports

The Six Invitational had to be canceled due to COVID-19, and therefore, Ubisoft has decided that it will be played next May, and will replace the different Major in each region:

To make room for the Six Invitational, the Phase 1 schedule has been adjusted in all regions:

Phase 1 of the European League will begin on March 18 at 18:00 CET.
Phase 1 of the North American League will take place on March 24 at 22:00 CET.
Phase 1 of the Latin American League will begin its South Division on March 19.
Phase 1 of the Asia-Pacific League will kick off with its South Division on March 18 at 8:00 CET.

Update in season 2021

Resolution of ties– Instead of letting a match end in a draw, the winner will be decided in best-of-3 overtime.

Extended lineups: to make it easier for organizations to compete at both regional and national level, they are allowed to have two different alignments; now, they will have the possibility of having a total of 12 players, with up to seven of them registered in each lineup. Every line-up must have a minimum of five players, and can have its own specific coach; once an alignment is registered, it cannot be modified until the next transfer window. More details on the practical applications of this change will be provided later.

Coaches time-out– Coaches can pause the game to discuss a strategy with their players. More details on the practical applications of this change will be provided later.

Regional standardized point system: a normal victory means three points, while a loss does not give you any. When two teams meet in overtime, the winning team gets 2 points, and the loser 1.
Tiebreaker update.
All changes here.