Crime left the Universidad del Zulia de Punto Fijo amid ruins and rubble

Photo The Impulse

Crime in the headquarters of the Fixed Point of the University of Zulia has left the house of studies mired in ruins and rubble. The administrative vice-rector, Clotilde Navarro, accompanied by the teaching and student staff, denounced the attacks on the institution’s headquarters.

During a tour of the facilities, it was found and reported that criminal groups attacked the University of Zulia and left the Ceilings on the ground, documents lying down and air conditioners disassembled.

They also reported that in the academic area only the doors and walls remain: all the equipment was destroyed. Despite the presence of officials from PoliCarirubana at the site, criminals have destroyed a large part of the university.

Navarro explained that, due to the extensive infrastructure, the attacks followed one after the other immediately.

From the first attack, the vice-rector took the pertinent legal actions. In addition, he met with directors of the Falcón state security forces in order to bring about the unification of the official bodies that can consolidate the protection of the institution.

In the coming days present a report to the University Council and before national university bodies in order to apply the definitive strategies to solve this situation.

“It is time to leave differences of any kind and focus on saving our alma mater. We must all unite in safeguard what little we have left« Navarro indicated.