Credit cards, these are the 3 best if you are a woman

Having a credit card has many benefits, such as being able to make purchases online, have additional benefits or get lower prices, among other things. Just as there are special cards for students or depending on the income you have, there are also some that are better if you are a woman.

In general, these types of credit cards are specially designed for that market, therefore, before hiring one you must take into account what it offers you since as the offer can be a lot, each banking institution decides what its product will be like.

These credit cards are for women. Photo: Pixabay

Some of the benefits these cards offer are:

They are approved only for women. Insurance for diseases that only women can develop. Promotions and discounts in special stores for women. Three best cards for women

1. Mujer Banorte credit card

It has an average rate of 0% without VAT, this for the expenses you make in hospitals, clinics and laboratories, exclusively in Mexico City. Regarding regular purchases, they handle an average CAT of 53.8% without VAT and they handle an annuity of 930 pesos.


You have access to 9 months without interest in clinics, hospitals and laboratories throughout the Mexican Republic. You have health insurance and services at no additional cost for: serious diseases of the woman, natural childbirth, psychological or psychiatric therapy, in addition to inclusion in the Banorte total reward program with which you accumulate 1.15 points for every $ 10 of purchases you make with the card either in Mexico or abroad which may be exchanged for products or services.

Requirements to obtain it

Be over 18 years old and under 64 verifiable minimum income of $ 12,000 per month Minimum age of one year in current job Good credit history in credit bureau Minimum age of one year in current address If you are a foreigner, the immigration form FM2 or FM3 2. Classic Banamex credit card

It is also known as Bsmart de Banamex, it has an average CAT of 75.7% without VAT and handles an annuity of 689 pesos. Some of the benefits it has are:

Frequent promotions at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months without interest Access to exclusive pre-sales Secure purchases using NIP Discounts throughout the year in more than 50 brands nationwide Rewards in points rewards for all purchases you make Lucky Stage by Citibanamex Monday you can find discounts and special prices on plays

Requirements to obtain it

Be of legal age Verify a minimum monthly income of $ 7,000 3. Santander Flexcard credit card

It is designed especially for women, has an average CAT of 84% per year and they handle an annuity of $ 500 plus VAT. Some of the benefits it has are:

You accumulate one point for every dollar you spend, plus you can defer the annuity to 6 months without interest in order not to wear down your portfolio. Every month you make a single fixed monthly payment of 7% of the credit line without incurring any penalty for it. With the « Protect your purchases » program, you have your purchases protected up to $ 100 per event or $ 200 for theft or irreparable damage, during the first 45 calendar days after making your purchase. You have at your disposal the SuperMóvil application to be able to carry out all your operations from your cell phone or SuperNet to be able to do them through your computer.

Requirements to obtain it

Be between 20 and 69 years of age with 11 months Proof of income of at least $ 2,000 per month The last 2 proof of gross income

These are just some of the options you have, if they do not fit what you need, you can consult with the bank of your choice so that an advisor can give you all the information you need. The most important thing is that you have control of your finances whatever the credit card you have.

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