Credit cards, 5 tips for you to choose the best one

A credit card can bring many benefits but it is important to know the differences between each one to choose the best one or the one that suits our needs. Whether you use it to make purchases for months or plan your expenses and pay a part with it, there are many options of how to use it.

To choose the best card it is necessary to make an analysis of our situation, from financial to the purchasing habits you have. It is important that you take into account that the cards can last for years and you can renew them as many times as you want with the financial institution with which you processed it.

Take into account the commissions they charge you. Photo: Reforma

Other advantages of having a credit card is that it is no longer necessary to carry so much cash, you can make purchases online and in various places in the world since this is a backup to carry out transactions.

5 tips to choose the best card

1. What requirements do they ask of you?

This is the first thing you have to do if you want to process a credit card, find out in the bank what requirements you need to know if you comply with them. Some ask you to have a minimum income, to have had another card so they can check your credit history, among other things.

2. Commissions and interest rate

Commissions are the fixed amounts that you are charged for various items, for example, the annuity. It is important that you investigate how much they will charge you for this so that you can analyze if it is convenient for you since sometimes this amount can be high.

On the other hand, the interest rate is what the bank will charge you for the purchases you make, remember that using a credit card is like making a loan every time you pay for an item, so they will always charge you more.

3. Functionality

Before deciding on one, analyze what are the benefits it offers you, there are some cards that are not accepted in all establishments as a form of payment, so having it will not help you much.

You can enter several online sales pages and to find out which one appears most frequently, this is a good way to make a decision.

4. Benefits

All credit cards are different, therefore the benefits they offer you will also be, for example, there are some where you can accumulate points for your purchases, which you can later exchange for items, discounts or trips, take advantage of these promotions to obtain something else for your purchases.

Not all cards work this way, so it is best to analyze which one gives you the most for your purchases to decide on it.

5. That you have attention when you need it

Have you ever tried to cancel a credit card and you never seem to be able to? This is something very common since banks will never talk to you about the attention they will give you when you have a problem, the best thing in these cases is to ask your acquaintances who have a card how they have done with the one they have, that can give you some references to finally decide on one.

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