Creators of Predator sue Disney to recover rights to the franchise – Tomatazos

Nothing can stop the fearsome aliens from Predator – 78%, not even the entire Disney legal team. Or rather that is what the writers of the original film with Arnold Schwarzenegger hope. The pair of writers are waiting for a request they made to recover the rights to the saga, which would have been acquired by the company together with the studio formerly known as 20th Century Fox.

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According to Deadline, screenwriters Jim and John Thomas have requested a lawsuit to dispute Disney’s rights to continue the saga of Predator, whose original movie was written by them. The librettists explain that in 2016 they filed a notification with the United States Copyright Office to terminate any license as of April 17 of this year.

Disney’s lawyers, however, believe that request is invalid because the 35 years it often takes for creators to request their property back has not passed. The company says they are simply trying to prematurely terminate the license they had sold to the now called 20th Century because they know the studio is developing a new film and they want to make money by selling the rights to such a project again.

As you will recall, Predator – 78% follow the story of a group of soldiers who, during a mission in Central America, meet a deadly alien that seems to hunt them for sport using advanced technology. The film gave way to a transmedia franchise. The original film made nearly $ 100 million at the box office against a budget of nearly a tenth of that total, making it a hit.

Most recently, in 2018, The Predator – 41% premiered, the fourth installment in the main franchise. That movie was directed by Shane Black and featured Robert Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown and Olivia Munn as a group of scientists and soldiers who must face two predators who land in a suburban area. The film had a disappointing reception with critics and the box office. Originally, there were plans for it to be a trilogy.

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Media such as The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline believe that both parties will most likely go to trial to determine who is right. However, it will depend on whether there is a possibility to negotiate that everything is settled out of court. It remains to be seen if the dispute reaches a conclusion quickly or if the lawsuit ends up putting the development of what was to be the next film about the aliens on hold.

What hopes to be the fifth installment in the saga is being developed by director Dan Trachtenberg of 10 Cloverfield Avenue – 90%. It had been reported that it would be set in the Civil War in the United States and would have an indigenous woman as the protagonist, but in November of last year, when the director was confirmed, it was said that there were no details yet about the plot, so it seems that initial report had not been accurate.

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