Creator of “Attack On Titan” previews end of manga

Attack On Titan creator gave clues to the ending | Kodansha

The final battle of « Attack On Titan » has already begun in the manga pages of the franchise, pitting the recon squad against a deadly and unexpected threat, and recently, the creator of the series Hajime isayama, had an interview where the mangaka gives some mysterious clues about the ending.

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The fourth and final season of the anime has already begun, with the last episode in which Eren and Reiner have their first meeting after the conclusion of the third season and starting the war once again between Eldia and Marley.

Hajime Isayama first introduced the world of « Children of Ymir » in 2009 with the manga that was run thanks to Kodansha.

Twitter user Attack On Fans shared this recent interview with the creator of “Attack On Titan”, pointing out that the mangaka had never thought of « If the ending is happy or not », leaving us wondering what the story of Eren jaeger and his companions The day.

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Eren jaeger has always been the protagonist of the epic dark fantasy, And it is clear that he has changed substantially since his days when he wanted to see the world beyond the walls.

With so many of his friends and family dejected by the Titans of the world unleashed by Marley about him, Eren definitely is trying to get his « pound of meat » against their enemies.