Creator confirms importance of commercials

These sequences would be of great importance to the narrative. Photo: Marvel Studios | Marvel studios

Just three episodes of « WandaVision”And all kinds of theories have already been generated, some of them centered on the mysterious commercials presented in the middle of the episode, emulating the style of television emulated in the episode.

The first of these commercials presents a novel toaster of Stark Industries with timer, which could be a reflection of the trauma generated in Wanda And his brother Pietro being trapped for two days after the explosion of an experimental weapon built by Stark.

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Photo: Marvel Studios

The second has presented a luxurious watch of the brand Strucker, reference to Wolfgang Von Strucker, former leader of the organization Hydra (whose symbol appears on said watch). This man would have been responsible for the experiments that caused the transformation of the twins Maximoff in Scarlett witch and Quicksilver.

The third episode of the series has begun to put subtlety aside by introducing bath soap. Hydra. This has been formulated as a reference to the series « Agents of SHIELD”, Where the evil organization used soap in the agency’s facilities and, through chemicals, exercised mind control on each of its employees.

Photo: Marvel Studios

Regardless of how these commercials are interpreted, Jac schaeffer, creator of the series, assured in a talk with the podcast « TV’s Top 5 » that these are of great importance to the plot.

« The commercials were part of our storytelling from the beginning, and they have been so incredibly fun to do, » he says. « For the fan of Marvel Casual, I feel like commercials are very accessible in their own way, but because they’re so true to their time. Also for anyone who knows nothing about Marvel, they only add color to the story. But yes, they are important. You will see ».

Photo: Marvel Studios

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Kevin Feige, President of Marvel studios, I would have already anticipated some statements similar to The New York Times after confessing his love for classic American television. “I think I’ve already justified all the time I spent playing with action figures in the backyard. All the time that I spent watching Nick at nite and old programs, I wouldn’t have justified it yet. This program helps me do it. «