Create your own gaming environment with Trust GXT

To have a true gaming space, a computer (or console) and a screen are no longer enough. And is that the huge number of factors and peripherals to take into account, such as have the accessories that best suit each type of gamer, that allow you to play or stream in comfort.

That is why today we want to do a little review of Trust GXT products, beyond the classic mouse or keyboard peripheral offering, with its selection of accessories to create in full environment.

Gamer inside and out

A gamer’s space must be a suitable place, that has ventilation so that the equipment does not heat up and is not damaged, with enough power outlets, that has natural light and that artificial light is not direct. Although other light sources such as LED decorations, both basic colors such as RGB or table lamps can always be other interesting alternatives.

That is why you count on an oversized gaming desk and capable of holding up to three monitors, it is essential for gamers, as can be seen in most of the live broadcasts by streamers from Spain and other parts of the world. That’s why Trust has the GXT 1190 Magnicus desktop.

Trust Gaming GXT 1190 Magnicus

Beyond the common tables, this desk has the necessary space to play as a team or alone, including other interesting accessories so that we do not have to leave our position at any time, with a built-in Qi wireless charger for the phone, a cable management system out of sight, and a mouse and keyboard pad covering the entire desktop surface, so freedom of movement is guaranteed.

In addition, its ergonomic shape with curved front edge and height adjustable feet They allow us a comfortable playing position at all times, also adding some extras for our breaks, with a headphone holder and a cup holder located on its side, helping us to keep the main surface always clear.

Trust GXT 265 Tape

Something to which the GXT 265 Cintar will also contribute, a headphone holder that will allow us to leave the headphones in a stylish stand with RGB lighting so that they are not damaged, keeping them always collected and accessible, while adding additional connectivity and accessibility, with two additional USB ports, perfect for connecting devices such as controllers or charging cables for major wireless peripherals, such as the mouse.

Trust GXT 712 Restro Pro Gaming

And is that comfort is everything in the space of a player, so an ergonomic seat is key to winning games. The GXT 712 Restro Pro Gaming chair offers great comfort thanks to its adjustable backrest, it has with removable lumbar and cervical cushions, 4D armrests and supports up to 150 kilos.

It is robust because its base is made of metal but, at the same time, it offers freedom of movement thanks to its 65mm wheels and its seat, which is fully swivel. Its appearance is elegant, with vegan polyurethane leather, gold stitching and suede-look and feel details.

But what would a setup be if the sound part is not given the necessary importance? In that regard, Trust has the GXT 258 Fyru USB 4-in-1 Streaming to make professional recordings for podcasts, blogs, voice overs, music recording or streaming on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

Trust GXT 258 Fyru

Also, thanks to its Four recording patterns with bi-directional and omnidirectional recording options (ideal for recording both alone and in company) we can always obtain the maximum performance of our sessions, maintaining a clear sound even when recording complete scenes with an enveloping capture.

Although in the face of broadcasting content, the camera cannot be missing either. The GXT 1160 Vero Webcam is high definition and features HD 1080p resolution of up to 8 megapixels which, thanks to the pedestal with clamp that forms it, can be attached to the monitor and be a key ally for streaming.

Trust GXT 1160 Vero

Finally, on the occasion of the Christmas campaign, Trust has launched a special promotion to reward its customers. And it is that from now until the end of the year, for the purchase of any Trust product for an amount of 25 euros or more, we can receive a customizable breakfast cup.