Create your own Demon Slayer character and the result is surprisingly good

demon slayer abj

The most famous manga nowadays are remarkable both for their stories and for their art and one of the most colorful is Demon slayerHowever, this fan goes further and with this striking art he has created himself a new character from Demon slayer and the result is surprising almost as if it had been done by the creator of the series himself. We recently saw Demon Slayer and Among Us together in a unique fan art.

Be from the Ubuyashiki Family, Moons, Demons or Demon Extermination Corps, the character design of Demon slayer It is the most striking, from expressive large eyes of various colors, marks on the face and colorful hair with highly graphic interventions. And these characteristics have not been overlooked by this fan, who has become a character in the series with expressive details.

I love the demon slayer art style so I had to make my own character from KimetsuNoYaiba

If you like to reimagine anime characters in other formats, here is what the protagonists of Demon Slayer would look like if they were from Cartoon Network. Now returning to the art of this follower, first it includes a dark blue wardrobe inspired by the time and the costumes of the series without going too far, one of the arms is bandaged and adds two swords with ornaments on the cuff. Meanwhile on his face he has some scars and the best thing is the hair that complete the essence of the character where we see part of the hair with geometric lines that separate colors in it.

An accessory that adds more interest to this new character is a white mask with big eyes. This character is dark-skinned as we hope his creator will be and if there are demons in Japan, why not in other parts of the world and multicultural demon hunters? Would you create your own character? What would this character be like?

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