Create the “world’s largest” Nintendo Switch and donate it to a hospital

In recent times, the modder community has surprised us by creating reduced and functional versions of different video game consoles. However, it seems that there are also people interested in increasing the size of these devices, contrary to the tendency to make everything smaller. This is the case of Michael Pick, an American engineer who has created the “world’s largest” Nintendo Switch for the purpose of donating it to a children’s hospital.

The standard edition of the Nintendo Switch measures 109mm. x 239 mm. x 139 mm. and it can be used both in portable mode and desktop console thanks to the Dock. Pick’s proposal, however, is an oversized version. Is a 650% larger than the original, with 4K display (although the console supports a maximum of 1080p) and fully functional. The engineer has shared the video of the construction process on his YouTube channel.

The job of transforming a video game console, or any other technological device, is a monumental task. Many times it is required to create a new case, replace original parts, cut out plates and do rewiring. However, Pick, in his task of creating the “world’s largest” Nintendo Switch, did not modify the internal components. Instead, used his engineering knowledge to create a series of mechanisms that actuate the standard buttons.

The giant Nintendo Switch is basically a wooden case and a lot of ingenuity

As we can see in the video, Pick used wood for the outer shell and plastic to print the 3D buttons and some mechanisms. In addition, he mounted a huge LED display connected with an HDMI cable. The result? A huge functional console of almost 30 kilos and a size of 178 × 76 centimeters. This “invention”, unlike others, keeps the hardware of the Nintendo Switch intact. This means that, for example, when Nintendo releases the much-rumored ‘Pro’ version, it could be integrated into the same case.

«I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, it’s portable… but it’s very easy to lose, and that’s a problem for me. So I decided to do something that was a little bigger and a little harder to lose, ”explains Michael Pick. The young man donated his creation to Saint Jude Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee (United States). He also promised to create a new “much bigger” version.