Create and strengthen alliances between brands, the window to recovery

“If you want to go fast, I walk alone, but if you want to go far, go with someone,” says an African proverb.

I really like this African proverb and I think that today it represents us a lot as a society. I am convinced that this year is the year to heal and reinvent ourselves. Companies and brands must be very aware that they cannot think of selling more in a world in a health, economic and political crisis.

Fully understanding that all companies to survive and maintain sources of employment must sell and be profitable; However, for example, large companies or industries that by their very nature have benefited from the pandemic; You should pause and think about how you can help our society.

As the African proverb says, if we think as a whole as a society and want to go far, we must ally ourselves as brands with a common benefit and for society. Today I was reading a note about two brands that came together and developed a product with recycled bottles, “from bottle to bagpack” Coca-cola and Kipling. Great idea that fosters support for our ecosystem by recycling PET “This allowed us to recover 272,129 PET bottles that would otherwise have become waste, while in this way they will live a new life,” says Mara Cella.

This is just one example in consumer markets, however, information technology brands are not far behind and have been analyzing and creating alliances between them to increase their positioning, contribute and join forces.

There is a concept in marketing called alliance marketing, which according to Natacha Rivera “essentially involves the contribution of common resources. These could be: experience, knowledge, marketing infrastructures, brand recognition or cash capital. Alliance marketing is done with the intention of obtaining much higher results than could be achieved independently ”. Adding to this if social responsibility issues are involved, the circle is closed and everyone can win.

The example I mentioned of Coca-Cola and Kipling are two brands with a very well-established positioning of many years, however this strategy is not only for brands or large companies, it also applies to startups, SMEs and any organization that wants to go far and contribute something to society and the planet.

Researching on the subject, I found that there is a community of leaders called B Corps in Spain, a new business model that balances social purpose and economic benefits. The cards are set, it all depends on us to start creating these networks to achieve a better world.

Does your brand or company already have an alliance marketing strategy? What are you waiting to start?