The coronavirus pandemic that continues to plague Spain and the whole world continues to be the most commented topic in all areas of life, and obviously also in tennis. This disease has caused this sport to be stopped and that numerous tournaments have sought other ways so that their contest is not canceled. An example of this has been Roland Garros, a tournament that will finally be played in late September and will coincide with other tournaments such as the Laver Cup, one of the most affected by this decision. The director of the Australian Open, Craig tiley, was the last to speak of this decision, stating that when everything returns to normal, the tournaments will meet to make the best decision for tennis.

The decision made by Roland Garros without counting the rest of the tournaments: “What has happened has been very surprising, as nothing like this has ever happened before. I do not belong to the French Tennis Federation, so I cannot comment on the decision they have made for the well-being of their tournament. Despite disagree with the forms, I think we will all come to an agreement and everything will work out. Despite the dates coinciding, the Laver Cup continues with its plans to play. There were no communications from both tournaments and I think sooner or later they should sit down and talk about what happened, for the sake of tennis, since they are two tournaments that bring many spectators, “said The First Serve on the podcast.

The situation of the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the tennis world right now: “We are living a real nightmare. At these difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic, I think we should all help and support each other. We are convinced that these types of discrepancies will be resolved in the future when everything returns to normal. I think that the calendar will change again due to the decision made by Roland Garros “.

The Grand Slams are the tournaments where the most public attend: “For the sake of this sport, we should get together and make some decisions. Everyone should give up something. Currently we have not yet focused on how tight the schedule is, we only think about our 4,000 coaches and all the staff who earn the life with this sport and that at the moment it is not having income due to the fact that the tennis activity is stopped at the moment.The Grand Slams tournaments are among the most watched sporting events in the world and an agreement will be reached among all the dates. At the moment, it is essential to overcome this pandemic that is affecting the world so much. “