The documentary that recalls the hegemony of the Chicago Bulls by Michael Jordan, “The Last Dance & rdquor;, has become a mass phenomenon. Despite the great reception from the public, the documentary has also received criticism from some protagonists.

05/07/2020 at 12:16


One of them has been the former Bulls player, Craig Hodges, who recently censored the leak of the famous cocaine episode when he was a newcomer to the NBA.

“One of the things that we players have is that we are a fraternity. So when I was watching the first episode, I was disappointed by the cocaine show. It bothered me because I was thinking of the brother players who were in that bag and who will have to explain to their families that they would be watching the documentary all that. You have to explain such an episode to your 12-year-old son & rdquor ;, Hodges said on Fox Sports Radio.

Hodges complained that the Bulls legend had not respected the covenant of silence between the League fraternity, revealed one of the darkest moments of the 80s, when the NBA had a drug problem.

In addition, the former player was also critical of MJ for calling “selfish” to Scottie Pippen for delaying its operation in 1997 and for accusing Horace Grant of leaking information to the press: “Then there is the part about Pippen, that Scottie was selfish. Come on man & mldr; And the night with Horace, that hurt me. I’m letting Michael Jordan know that that didn’t go well. Horace did not deserve to be charged the dead of the ‘Jordan Rules’. And it also sickened me a bit that everyone was interviewed except me & rdquor ;.