Cowboy Bebop: Netflix reveals first images of the cast and fans praise the appearance of John Cho – Tomatazos

Hollywood has yet to come up with a decent anime adaptation. The famous Japanese animations are known for the complexity of their plots and the laboriousness in their drawings, which works as the perfect mix to bring to the big screen: a good story with surprising images that are difficult to forget. However, Hollywood has simply failed to capture the essence of these titles. While the Japanese adaptations fall short due to lack of budget and failed techniques, the Western versions do not know how to put so much history in such a short time.

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In addition, although everyone’s desire is to ensure a multi-million dollar franchise that can extend for several years, the truth is that in Hollywood they still do not dare to such proposals when we talk about anime. They certainly hope that there will be sequels, but they make sure that the film works alone because audiences are used to disappointment by now and are not so easy to forgive. In the same way, the current talk about whitewashing and how these live action should open the doors to protagonists of Asian origin, instead of someone famous, is still pending.

There are definitely many elements to consider, and it is especially chaotic when the adaptation in question is a highly transcendent title for the anime world, as happened with Dragonball Evolution – 14%, Death Note – 40% or The Vigilante Del Futuro: Ghost In The Shell – 44%. Despite these discomforts, the truth is that fans are not closed to these versions and maintain the emotion with the projects that are announced, as is currently the case with Cowboy bebop.

For years the adaptation of this famous anime for the platform of Netflix. The promise is that the quality will be better not only because of the investment, but also because it will be a series and not a movie, which in theory should solve the problem of story development and character evolution. John Cho was named the lead and fans accepted him immediately; However, the actor suffered an accident during filming that halted production for a time. After so much waiting, we finally have the first images and they have been the delight of the followers.

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The first week of June, Netflix started with a project called Geeked week, dedicated to the announcement of premieres, interviews, trailers and exclusive news about video games, comics, anime, etc. It is in this context that a first video with the cast of Cowboy bebop where we can finally see how it looks John cho characterized as Spike spiegel.

Yoko Kanno, the composer behind the original Cowboy Bebop anime soundtrack, will create the soundtrack for the new live action adaptation. Also confirmed… Cowboy Bebop is coming this fall.

The small teaser is accompanied by two great news. On the one hand, it is confirmed that the original composer will return for this version, which is well received since the music was an indispensable part of the anime. On the other hand, they also assure us that we will have the premiere in the fall of this year, but we do not yet have an exact date.

Although we still don’t see the protagonists in action, we already have a small glimpse of what they will look like on screen, and social media was filled with praise for Cho’s looks, especially the way the protagonist’s famous hairstyle wears:

Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me: John Cho’s hair from Cowboy Bebop

John Cho’s hair! OMG her hair OMG! We’re all going to freak out when the poster is revealed

I can’t wait for the live action Cowboy Bebop and John Cho is the perfect Spike Spiegel.

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