Since COVID19, consumer behavior has changed significantly at the point of sale. A study carried out by Executing Ideas reveals outstanding information for self-service stores and brands.

Among the most outstanding data, the study reveals that:

45 people prefer discounts when it comes to promotions.

33% of people have tried new brands or oral care products.

Consumers prefer to pay with cash or debit card

However, the study also reveals some findings on self-service stores and promotions, for example, from March to May, promotions at points of sale decreased by 23 percent as brands were forced to decrease this activity due to the health emergency.

Arturo Borja, CEO of Ejecuttando Ideas nos in the « Webinar: Impact of COVID19 » in the PDV which presents a study that talks about the changes generated in the behavior of purchasing and product displays in store, the study was conducted with Navegante Analytics platform launched by Executing Ideas.