Covid vaccine for older adults. Granny history 120 years

After receiving the covid-19 vaccine, Mrs Maria Antonia, 120, became more popular. She is recognized as a kind, strong and loving person with her family … they call her « the granny from Amoxoyahuatl”, Community of the municipality of Platón Sánchez, in Veracruz.

Smiling and in a good mood, Mrs. María Antonia says she is aware that she has lived many years, and that is why she does not remember many historical events, but she is very aware of when she got married, when they installed the first school near her home and the bullets during the Revolution Mexican. Other events that he narrates is an epidemic that killed his parents and the famine from a time of great poverty during his childhood.

The granny from Amoxoyahuatl He does not speak Spanish, although he does understand it, but he communicates with his family in nahuatl; some great-grandchildren have not learned it anymore. He is survived by three of his seven children, he has 44 grandchildren and 130 great-grandchildren, “and those who are missing, many cousins ​​and family we have already lost track of,” says Antonio García, one of the closest grandchildren.

His birth certificate, which is already a current document, because « the previous one was no longer visible and who knows where it was »; says very clearly: Date of Birth: June 13, 1900.

After the Welfare Secretariat spread the moment of his vaccination on networks, MILLENNIUM went looking for her. A large and friendly family received us, and Dona María Antonia was emotional, but said she did not understand why all the fuss, because her entire family « is spread throughout the Republic » and they look for her from many places.

“Now that I have received the vaccine I am happy, but I am always in a good mood. I feel strong, ”she expressed in a dialect that all her children and most of the grandchildren have learned to communicate with her.

At first she is a bit quiet, but once she is on track, she tells us about her life, how difficult it was to be an orphan and later a widow at an early age. One of her daughters was three months old when her husband died, and that daughter has already passed away. Still save good mood and he showed it during his birthday last June, where he danced with his grandchildren.

He is very aware of the time of the Mexican Revolution. “While in the mountains with my family, asleep, because we slept in the mountains out of fear, the gunshots of the confrontations were heard, and we were always worried that at some point they would find us. Fear prevailed in the people and we all rushed to finish our work to eat early and go to the mountains. There was not enough food, they gave each of us two tortillas, my brothers, and they were tortillas that we made with tree seeds, not corn.  »

« That is what he remembers, that it has been a long time and that he forgets, » says his grandson Antonio, who translates.

He comments that when he was young he took half a day walking to go from his community to Huejutla, the nearest city, and they had to stay the night to avoid being surprised by the night on their return. Now, by car it is an hour.

In the face of continuous laughter from the 120 year old granny, the conversation becomes enjoyable. « She eats very healthy, no junk or soft drinks, » says one of her grandchildren when asked what is the secret to reach that age, and before letting out the laugh she clarifies: « I like to eat everything, and like many enchiladas, I like enchiladas. »

Sitting in the armchair, she narrates when she worked in the fields and also how she made crafts.

“I am very well, I feel very well, the only thing that hurts a little is where they gave me the vaccine, but I am calm, everything is fine (…) Thank you very much for coming to visit me, they wanted to know how old I am, I am 120, you Thank you very much, « he says, smiling goodbye.