The Spanish app to stop the spread of the coronavirus already works throughout Spain … more or less.

After its official launch in June, and a first phase of tests on the island of La Gomera in July, the Radar Covid app now works throughout Spain.

It is the application developed by the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, and is based on the tracking system developed in collaboration by Google and Apple.

Although the application is now able to detect close contacts with people who have shared their positive diagnosis in COVID-19 with the app, for now alerts have not been activated, and they will not do so until September when the Autonomous Communities integrate their systems into the app.

This is the interface of the Radar COVID app

The Spanish app to stop the spread of the coronavirus already works in Spain

The application is available to be downloaded on iOS and Android, and during its tests it has proven to be an effective way of detecting positive cases and reducing the spread of the virus.

In this sense, in La Gomera, 6.4 close contacts for confirmed positives –fictions–, instead of the 3.5 on average that would have been detected using manual systems.

From the Government they assure that the application and the system on which it is based they are totally safe. It is the users who must activate the option to participate in the screening program, and at no time will personal data be stored.

Once activated, if two users of the app meet less than two meters away for a minimum of fifteen minutes, both terminals will share a alphanumeric code randomly generated that identifies each user through Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Thus, in case one of the two people is diagnosed as positive, the other will be alerted through a notification in the app.

Actually, these alerts are not active yet, but the app is still able to detect contacts. Once alerts are enabled, positive contacts will be able to obtain official information from the health authorities of your community, as well as the indications to request a PCR test.

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