Mexico City (Verónica Gascón) – Last April, the number of free-lancers that there is in the Country. The effects of Covid-19 not only did they harm employees and subordinates by the closure of companies, but also those who perform independently.

According to the Telephone Survey of Occupation and Employment, carried out by the Inegi, in March there were 12 million self-employed workers, but for April it fell to 7.7 million, a reduction of 35.8 percent.

Covid expels freelancers. | Photo: Reforma

In the same period from March to April, salaried workers fell by 6.4 million. Self-employed workers lack basic labor rights such as a written contract and access to social security.

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Some are professionals who charge through the fee regime, such as accountants, architects, vendors, consultants, there are also merchants, clerks and workers in protection and surveillance services.

Armando Leñero, spokesman for the Center for Formal Employment Studies, stated that due to the epidemic many of these workers were left without their source of income and, in addition, the hiring of this type of personnel depends on the resumption of activities and their reduction. contagions.

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For Rogelio Hernández Hermosillo, coordinator of the association “Facing Poverty”, this period of health emergency will be the one in which more jobs and labor income will be lost, since the crisis of 1929.