COVID-19 : Zayra Gutiérrez gives her face in ‘Save me’ after skipping anti-COVID measures

Zayra Gutierrez has become one of the celebrities of the moment, and not precisely for the better, since it has been the protagonist of numerous illegal parties during the pandemic, and has appeared on the streets of Madrid bypassing security measures and curfew.

Wrapped in many controversies, the daughter of Guti Y Arantxa de Benito He already apologized for what happened, although later he again skipped the restrictions, causing the anger of a large part of society.

In fact, ‘Save me’ made the decision to inform the authorities a file containing numerous information and photographs about Zayra breaking the rules. However, from the police station they reported that to take measures they had to be present at the time of the offense.

Zayra Gutiérrez shows her face

The Telecinco program has been visiting the surroundings of Arantxa de Benito’s home almost daily to try to talk to the former soccer player’s daughter. She did not want to give a statement, until this Wednesday, when she found her friend and collaborator of the program, Rafa Mora.

It was then that Zayra Gutiérrez decided to give Rafa a few minutes of her time, who was connecting live with the program to speak with the young woman. “I’m having a very bad time, with the latter I had an anxiety attack“, has begun pointing.

I am aware of the error, but I am a 20 year old girl. I can be wrong like everyone. I’m coming home at 9:30 p.m. I’m not breaking any rules right now, “Guti’s daughter explained.

She has also talked about the last party she attended, where she was seen jumping around with flares. “It is in a place in Madrid, it was a moment because we got up with the flares. But it is not like that, each one is at his table with his mask,” he pointed out.

I regret it because I have to be very careful because I am in the spotlight. I don’t know all the measurements, but I’m getting one PCR every week because fortunately my best friend works in a clinic, “he added.

Image of Zayra Gutiérrez attending ‘Sálvame’. Telecinco

Don’t want to go on tv

Zayra Gutiérrez has also commented that she is being judged at all times, and that they are tired of it. “They are looking at me with a magnifying glass, every moment I take off my mask, to say that I have broken the rules, but I wear the mask at all times, “he pointed out.

He is currently in a bad time, and for that reason he has wanted to make it clear that he does not want to appear on television, or go to reality shows – as has been pointed out in recent weeks -: “I don’t want TV, because if I hadn’t already sat down on a set, I don’t even want a reality show, because I’m not at my best with myself right now. I don’t enjoy this. “