COVID-19 : What is the collective agreement for PDVSA workers and why has Maduro signed it?

Last Friday, President Nicolás Maduro signed a new collective contract that protects working conditions of the workforce of the state company Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA). The objective of this agreement is to recover the comprehensive protection system for workers.

New employment contract

The Venezuelan president commented that the members of the PDVSA company are being affected by all the wars, “How is the protection system, contracts, wages of the working class violated”. He also thanked the oil workers because “in the midst of difficulties, yes you can, yes you can.”

The Government assured that through “From the Patria System and all the support we give to the family, through CLAP, education and public health, in addition, the housing system ”will guarantee all protection measures.

The new contract was also signed by the president of the Unitary Federation of Gas Oil, Wills Rangel, the Minister of Popular Power for the Social Work Process, Hernán Eduardo Piñate, the president of Petróleos de Venezuela Asdrúbal Chávez; the Minister of Popular Power for Oil, Tareck El Aissami and President Nicolás Maduro.