COVID-19 : What is known about Moderna’s vaccine? Efficacy, side effects, dose Spain will receive …

The vaccine to face COVID-19 created by the modern pharmaceutical company has already been approved in Europe, thus joining that of Pfizer and BioNTech, which is already being administered in practically the entire continent. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorized its use last, later the European Commission confirmed that approval and yesterday the Ministry of Health, through Salvador Illa, confirmed that the first doses are already in Spain and will shortly be used by the autonomous communities.

Our country receives the proportional part of the doses that the European Union has acquired, which has bought 160 million of this vaccine, 80 of them fixed and the rest optional. So far, this is what is known about Moderna’s vaccine

How effective is it?

It is quite similar to that of Pfizer and BioNTech. According to the latest announcement, while Pfizer reaches 95% effectiveness, Moderna reported that its vaccine was 94.1%. Around 30,000 people participated in the different phases of clinical trials, both for the vaccine and for the placebo.

196 people were infected with the coronavirus along with symptoms, of which about 185 were from placebo and 11 from the vaccine. 30 were severe cases of those 30,000 participants, belonging to the placebo group.

28 days have to pass between the two scheduled injections for vaccination with the Moderna dose. It is the time estimated by the pharmacist for it to really take effect.

What side effects can it have and how is it preserved?

In the first aspect they also look alike, since both can cause pain at the injection site, headaches, muscle or joint pain, fatigue, chills, etc. At least, they are the ones that have been identified so far, and the most common that have already occurred in other continents have been generally mild or moderate and improved within days after vaccination.

Regarding conservation, this vaccine makes things much easier, since it does not need the -70 ° C of Pfizer’s. -20 ° C may suffice, i.e. no special freezers are necessary with excessively low temperatures. Anyone in your home could store it.

When can it be administered and how many doses does Spain receive?

As we say, Spain has already received the first doses of Moderna’s vaccine. As announced on Tuesday by the Minister of Health, 35,700 boxes of vaccine have been received in a first batch and it will be from this Wednesday when the communities receive them and therefore begin to supply them. The distribution, as with that of Pfizer and BioNTech, will be equitable.

Our country is expected to receive 599,000 doses of this remedy in the next few weeks. In principle, it will serve to continue with the first phase of the vaccination campaign that provides for the immunization of health workers, people in residences and dependents.