Covid-19. Veracruz, BCS, QRoo and Guerrero receive almost 7 thousand vaccines

Until yesterday naval elements transferred 6,960 doses of anticovid vaccine as part of their collaboration in the vaccine distribution plan against covid-19 and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

According to the Secretary of the Navy, 2,950 were transferred from Veracruz to Tuxpan in an MI-17 helicopter; 3,625 They were taken from Veracruz to Minatitlán on a plane.

From La Paz to Loreto 185 were transferred in a Black Hawk helicopter; 200 more were flown from Hermosillo to Puerto Peñasco by Panther helicopter.

Also, personnel of the Mexican Navy has transported 7,465 vaccines by land in the states of Quintana Roo and Guerrero, in different hospitals in Chetumal and Acapulco.

These vaccines have been delivered to representatives of the SSA, IMSS, ISSSTE and PEMEX to support the civilian population.