COVID-19 vaccines: Morgan Stanley bank will not let employees who do not wear it into its New York offices

The goal of this measure is to allow Morgan Stanley to remove COVID-19 restrictions, such as physical distancing and the use of a mask.

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Some companies are beginning to pressure their employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. This is the case of the bank Morgan Stanley which plans to bar all workers and visitors from its New York offices if they are not fully vaccinated.

“Beginning July 12, all employees, workforce, customers and visitors must attest to being fully vaccinated to access Morgan Stanley buildings in New York City and Westchester,” said the Chief of Human Resources Morgan Stanley’s Mandell Crawley in an internal memo.

This means that, once this policy is officially implemented, workers who do not confirm that they are vaccinated will not have access to the bank building.

In fact, the financial company has already created work areas where there are only vaccinated people and where others cannot be.

Morgan Stanley has not yet released how long it plans to keep the policy in place., if employees can seek an exemption for any reason or if the bank plans to expand the policy to other offices.

It has emerged that about 90% of the company’s employees have already verified that they are vaccinated, according to CNET.

The objective of this measure is to allow the company to eliminate COVID-19 restrictions, such as physical distancing and the use of a mask.

The measure is implemented as other companies around the world draw up plans for a return to offices after the pandemic.

Many companies are embracing hybrid models, in which employees work from the office for part of the week, while other companies allow employees to work completely remotely.

Currently, in the US, 150 million people are fully vaccinated, representing almost 46% of the population. However, it appears that President Joe Biden’s goal of vaccinating at least one dose to 70% of the nation’s adults by July 4 will not be achieved.

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