COVID-19 : Vaccination holidays in Dubai for 50,000 euros

He Knightsbridge Circle, a prestigious British club, has offered its members over 65 the opportunity to spend a long vacation in the United Arab Emirates to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, after the United Kingdom Government has set the minimum age of 70 years to receive the drug against the disease.

The price, about 48,200 euros (which equates to 43,000 pounds) for three weeks in paradise and the security of returning immunized against the coronavirus, something that they will not be able to get in the British country until it is their turn to vaccinate. A price that could be affordable for members of the wealthy Knightsbridge Circle club, well the annual fee amounts to 28,000 euros (25,000 lbs.)

In the United Arab Emirates, the vaccine is allowed in private centers

In the Arab Emirates, the vaccine is allowed in people under 70 years of age as long as it is in private centers, something that would be included in the hefty price of 48,000 euros. Further, If the members are not of the age allowed to make the trip, Knightsbridge Circle has offered their members the possibility of vaccinating their parents or grandparents. This was advanced to the Efe Agency Stuart mcneill, founder of the club: “If our members are under 65, we have suggested vaccinating their parents or grandparents instead.”

“I am proud to be able to present this service to the 100 members of the Knightsbridge Circle, of which 40% regularly reside in the United Kingdom and the rest in countries such as France, Russia or Switzerland”, McNeill pointed to Efe.

“The proposal to be immunized abroad is an advantage for those who do not reach the current minimum age for vaccination set by the British Government or who reside in countries that do not have a public immunization program”, has added.

All inclusive

Vacation and vaccination plan in the United Arab Emirates includes flights, accommodation and transportation vehicle for members, plus the cost of the vaccine: “We send our doctors to the clients’ homes to do the PCR test required for travel and then we receive them at the airport with representatives who accompany them throughout the journey. The day after your arrival, when they are settled in, we send them a Range Rover or the car of their choice to take them to our clinic, where they receive the first dose of the vaccine “, McNeill explained.

“After 21 days enjoying the Dubai sun, members receive the second dose of the vaccine and can now fly back to their residences with an immunization certificate”, stated the founder of Knightsbridge Circle.

A business trip

But of course, there is a downside to this trip, and it is that current air restrictions prevent UK citizens from visiting other borders since they are in national confinement and, in addition, there is the danger of transmission of the new strains. But for this club there are no problems: “In the case of customers traveling from countries such as the United Kingdom, no restrictions apply because they fly within the framework of previously scheduled business trips”says McNeill.

Controversy in the UK

Knightsbridge Circle exclusive vacations have sparked controversy in the country as there are still essential workers unvaccinated. On this, McNeill has noted: “I am doing something good and I am proud of it. If you were giving the vaccine to 35-year-old men who go to the gym twice a day, it is clear that you should not do it, and if someone does, it is totally negative. But offering immunization to those over 65 is a good action “, concluded in the interview for the Efe Agency.