COVID-19 vaccination calculator in Argentina: where are you in line

If there is a question that many people ask themselves both in Argentina and in the world, it is “¿when you could get the COVID-19 vaccine?”. Now there is an alternative available at hand that estimates how long each could be inoculated, based on different variables and factors. Is named Omni Calculator and has its local version, based on the doses of Sputnik V that are already being applied in the country. The same tool is already available for Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Scotland, France, Ireland, Russia, India and Poland. As they clarified . The developers are currently working so that it is also in Ukraine, Australia, the Philippines, Italy, South Africa and Wales, and they are looking to add Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru.

“The Vaccination shift calculator for Argentina estimate how many people are ahead of you to obtain the vaccine against COVID-19 in the national territory. It also predicts how long you will have to wait for your vaccination turn to arrive.. Inclusive, indicates when you should receive your second dose. Thus, using this tool, you will be able to get a better idea of ​​when the vaccine is most likely to happen to you ”, detail the creators.

The step by step is simple. First you have to select the age and then answer if you are a health personnel; if you work or live in an institution for the elderly; if you have any comorbidities or underlying health conditions such as diabetes, grade 2 obesity, chronic cardiovascular, kidney and / or respiratory disease; if you are a teacher or work in educational institutions; if they are strategic personnel (armed forces and / or security) and if they are pregnant or nursing.

Below these questions the vaccination rate is required, that is, the time to vaccinate everyone in Argentina. After answering the questions, the system indicates when the person should be receiving the first and second doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

The development is based on Strategic Plan for Vaccination against COVID-19 in the Argentine Republic, in the list of priority / population quantity published according to the Argentine Ministry of Health and in the projected vaccination rate.

The priorities established by the Argentine health authorities foresee:

-Stage 1: Health personnel. 763 thousand workers are estimated.

-Stage 2: Adults aged 70 or over who live in geriatric establishments, as well as their caregivers residing in said long-stay homes.

-Stage 3: Adults 60-69 years old. The Argentine Ministry of Health estimates that the total of adults over 60 years of age together with those who live in geriatric establishments are around 7,735,000.

-Stage 4: Strategic personnel, that is, armed forces, security and prison services personnel. An approximate of five hundred thousand.

-Stage 5: Adults between 18 and 59 years of age who belong to risk groups, that is, with diabetes (insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent); grade 2 obesity (body mass index –BMI– greater than 35) and grade 3 (BMI greater than 40); with chronic cardiovascular, kidney and / or respiratory diseases. It is considered a value close to 5,653,000 people.

-Stage 6: Teaching and non-teaching educational personnel (initial primary and secondary). The approximate total is 1,300,000.

-Stage 7: Other strategic populations defined by jurisdictions and dose availability that represent the rest of the population.

The Sputnik V vaccine is the only one used in Argentina The Sputnik V vaccine is the only one used in Argentina

From Lima, and in dialogue with ., Arturo Barrantes, a mechanical engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, one of the creators of the vaccination estimation calculator along with Álvaro Díez González-Pardo, Spanish physicist, and with the help of the Polish doctor and doctoral candidate from the Warsaw Medical University Dominika Miszewska, stated: “In particular, for the vaccination calculator in Argentina there has been no great difficulty, since the plan presented by the Ministry of Health is well detailed, defines the priority groups and even provides data on the number of people in each of the they”. “Now that the vaccination of people over 60 has started, we are implementing this factor in the calculator“, advancement.

However, he continues: “What was difficult to find was first the vaccination rate, that is, the people who would be willing to apply the vaccine against COVID-19, and second, the projection of the government. It was the last thing we added at the end, since we could not find anywhere information indicating when all target groups were expected to be vaccinated. Recently, the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, indicated in an interview that he wanted to vaccinate 85% of the target population this year, and with that, added to what was stated by the Ministry of Health, the vaccination rate can be obtained by day, week and year ”. added the engineer.

According to what has been studied by Barrantes, “The vaccination rate in Argentina is quite high, to reach approximately 23 million Argentines, which would be the target population, it is around 800 thousand vaccines per week, a figure that currently corresponds to 90 thousand, With which the campaign should be accelerated to achieve an increase of 900%; the expectation is high, although the President explained that there is experience with national vaccination programs and based on this, they will reach the expected rates ”.

The data that was most difficult for us to collect was the number of pregnant women in Argentina”, Stated Arturo. That information was compiled by the group of researchers based on the local birth rate. This variable is important, since the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend that this population receive the vaccine due to the lack of studies and tests of the inoculants in them. “I also did not find a population census specifically for those aged 18 and 19. The census that I found was for groups of 15 to 19 years, and based on this we estimate those of those two years”, He added.

Consulted by . in relation to how the Calculator for the COVID-19 vaccination queue was born, the physicist and researcher Alvaro Diez, creator together with Arturo of the estimation website, explained from Poland: “The development began with the one in the United Kingdom by our colleague Steve Wooding, and seeing the good reception it had and the interest that there is, we decided to do it for other countries “. “These calculators They are having a very good reception and they are giving us a lot of work, which is always good”, He told this medium.

In Omni Calculator, according to Álvaro, less than 40 male and female scientists covering 5 continents and around 12 countries work. Currently, their efforts are focused on making calculators similar to the one available for Argentina, Mexico and Spain but for other countries, according to their vaccination protocols and the access they have to the different drugs available.

Arturo added: “The development arose from a colleague who is part of the Omni Calculator project in the United Kingdom –Wooding– and in that country the vaccination began about a month ago and he was curious to know when he was going to have to him and his relatives. This is how the team began to work thoroughly. Then We came up with Álvaro to develop the calculator for Spanish-speaking countries, the region of the world where the virus had the most impact. We evaluated the available information, we found that Argentina was already applying the vaccine since December 29, and we began to look for data, translate what we already had advanced from English to Spanish and see each scheme according to each country. The biggest challenge was finding the information”.

The calculator allows you to know when each person would have the first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Argentina. The calculator allows you to know when each person would have the first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Argentina.

“Will you add more tools to the calculator?” He asked. . to Arturo Barrantes: “In the plan there is the function of adding an autosave function of the information entered, and at this point it is important to note that we do not store data and / or information. The idea of ​​autosave is that users can re-enter the site and keep track of whether the estimate was advanced or delayed ”, he replied.

“For the COVID-19 vaccination calculator in Argentina we plan to continue updating it, with the data released by the Government, as it indicates that more groups are being vaccinated, we will always try to keep everything updated so that people can benefit from this tool. From Omni Calculator we try to make a web page where you have access to all kinds of calculators that are used every day, but also with an explanation. I, for example, develop a lot those that are investments, it is my strength in the company, but as a mechanical engineer I also dedicate myself to that branch, and, for example, Álvaro, who is a physicist, also creates calculators to answer questions about physics, ”Arturo explained.

Vaccine calculators for Spain, Mexico and Argentina are the first three that Omni Calculators has in Spanish. Our idea is to expand our products so that they are available in Spanish, and that they are accessible in different languages ​​as well ”, he concluded.


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