COVID-19 : Two women dress up as elderly women to receive the coronavirus vaccine

The coronavirus still a mysterious disease that has brought out the best and worst of the human being. The vaccine war has begun, better or worse, for now, they are the only way to fight this disease. Nothing has achieved for the advancement of this disease around the world, only the confinement has been shown to be 100% effective. Science continues to investigate a virus that is not known exactly or how it is spread, nor has it been possible to carry out a treatment that will save the lives of people who receive the worst part of this disease. It has come before, and in a record time of 8 months, not one, but several vaccines that claim to avoid the terrible side effects of the coronavirus.

They dress up as old women to receive the coronavirus vaccine

This virus surprises day after day. If we have already lost the possibility of connecting emotionally, with the obligation to cover our faces, now even common sense has been lost. The fever to receive the vaccine and to be immunized, until it is known when, has led two women to do the impossible to receive the vaccine.

All over the world there is a great desire to return to normality. The harsh restrictions that have been in place for more than a year are added to a curfew that has left the world waiting for the clock to return home. These women in their early 30s decided to go looking for the vaccine early.

Disguised as old women, they sneaked into a vaccination process in United States. The doctor from the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, Raúl Pinolas, discovered when he verified that the date on their driver’s licenses did not coincide with the date they had registered for the vaccination. Like everything that surrounds this virus, speed and hasty conclusions have led the world to make mistakes like this.

Vaccine hunting vacations take many people who can afford it from the United States to travel to Florida. In that state, those over 64 are vaccinated. They have already vaccinated almost 4 million peopleTaking into account that just over 1 million were infected and of these 29,000 died, the vaccine is reaching record numbers.

This pandemic has brought out the best, in a confinement laden with hope and the worst, in a deconfinement laden with restrictions. In a few months, perhaps the world will change again and normalcy will return to hugs and kisses without fear, affection and smiles, knowing looks or positive energy as soon as you leave home. For now, episodes like the one that has been experienced in Florida, bring out the worst in human beings.

The search for the vaccine that will allow us to return to normality, the long-awaited immunization that few know what it really consists of. The experimental vaccines that should end the coronavirus are making the vaccination process totally surreal in some countries. Everything is possible, as we have seen in these past months.