The weekly participation of the healthy population in the Covid-19 Trends study of the IO Foundation is key to tracking disease. The usefulness of this type of tools depends on the quantity and quality of responses. If the person responding to the questionnaire shows the symptoms of COVID-19, the study will be terminated, but now closer control of the evolution of the healthy population is necessary. In this sense, ideally, people without symptoms should participate once a week in order to update their health status. That is, they remain healthy or not. In this way, a faithful and updated portrait of the spread of the disease is obtained.

All the people of Spain and Argentina, two countries in which the research is already active, who wish to collaborate may do so through this link:

About the IO Foundation

The Covid-19 Trends study of the IO Foundation is being prepared by professionals from Health, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), social networks, etc., who have allied themselves with the IO Foundation, an organization non-profit, for “enable the processing and graphical representation of data to translate into curbing the epidemic