COVID-19 : This is the ‘mascorbata’: mask and tie at the same time so as not to lose elegance

The mask has become one of the essential accessories in our day to day. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to wear masks in order to avoid new infections of the disease. They come in all styles and for all tastes: colored, patterned, with drawings for the little ones and we can even personalize them with our favorite images. To all these we must now add the ‘mascorbata’.

The ‘mascorbata’ is a mask-tie designed by the Italian firm Ulturale, specialized in ties since 1948. This original piece promises to become a success in sales since it protects us from the coronavirus and without losing elegance. Made from reusable fabric, this face mask It is already an object of desire for all those people who must go to their jobs dressed in a formal way.

“We intend to protect with elegance and ‘replace’ the usual mask in case of need,” they explain from the firm. The ‘Vattinn’ model looks like any other tie on the front, although with the novelty that it hides a mask with adjustable elastic bands. In this way, we can put on and take off the mask without problem at any time.

The ‘mascorbata’ is available in blue with small white flowers, plain in navy blue with the signature monogram or in burgundy with some blue details. Its price is 170 euros although currently It is at 85 euros due to the sales. You can get it through the official website of the Ulturale firm.