On September 4, 2020, the British magazine Daily Mail told a startling story. A 41-year-old Briton has devised a real strategy to avoid having to wear his mask in the plane. Indeed, Michael Richards, who was traveling with his wife and two daughters to have a good time in the Canary Islands, did not want to keep his mask during the 4 hours of flight, finding that “too uncomfortable”, tell our colleagues. In fact, he looked for a way to get around the rule established by the company Easy Jet. The man remembered that it was allowed to take off his mask to eat or quench his thirst. So he decided to eat for the entire flight.

One Pringles every two and a half minutes

I looked, before I got on the plane, how many crisps there were in a tube of Pringles, and then I divided it by the flight time to find out how quickly I should snack on them.“He then explained on his Facebook page. The man himself was surprised to have managed to keep a packet of Pringles all this time.”It’s a Pringles every two and a half minutes “, he wrote in the caption of a photo of him and the said packet of Pringles .. A feat that some Internet users have nevertheless held to relativize, raising the importance of wearing the mask in closed places to fight against the Covid -19 and criticizing the flippancy shown by the Briton. “I’m glad I wasn’t on this plane, for example wrote a Facebook user. However, Michael Richards defended himself to be anti-mask, he even confided to wear some “in the stores”. He explained that he simply wanted to relax the spirits a bit on the subject. “There is so much depression in the world, people need a little change of mind”, he explained. This is likely to inspire some!

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