COVID-19 : The United States will not play the Handball World Cup due to coronavirus and Switzerland enters

A few hours before the Handball World Cup begins in Egypt, setbacks continue for the tournament. If this Tuesday the Czech Republic team announced their resignation, late at night the United States team did it, one of the combined most decimated by the coronavirus pandemic with up to 18 cases in his expedition and where there was even talk of the team doctor being the coach in the tournament.

The American team, in which two players from ASOBAL League clubs such as Alejandro Chan and Andrew Donlin play, announced through this statement their withdrawal from the World Cup. “The United States handball team has officially announced its resignation to participate in the World Cups due to several positives in coronavirus that have been detected in the tests.”

As happened with the Czech Republic, whose place has been occupied by North Macedonia, the Swiss team will replace the United States team in a Group E where they will coincide with France, Norway and Austria. It should be noted that many of the Swiss players will arrive at the tournament short of competitionSince the league has not been disputed in Switzerland since last October due to the pandemic.

Members of the Swiss team are meeting now to undergo PCR tests and enter the hotel one by one waiting for the results to be confirmed tonight. Those players who test negative will travel tomorrow morning on a charter flight before making their tournament debut against Austria at 18:00, where they will arrive with some filming after having been training between the 5th and 10th of this month before the tournament.