COVID-19 : The “spectacular” impact of the vaccine in Scotland

Vaccination against COVID-19 has already had a “spectacular” impact in Scotland by drastically reducing hospitalizations due to this disease, according to preliminary data from the immunization campaign that is being carried out in the country.

The research, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, was prepared by experts from five universities (Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Aberdeen, Glasgow and St Andrews) and the public health organization Public Health Scotland, who collected information on vaccinations in primary care centers, hospital admissions, deaths Y lab results. This process was carried out between December 8 and February 15, when 1.14 million vaccines had been administered in Scotland to reach 21% of the country’s population with the first dose, according to Public Health Scotland.

Study supports UK vaccination strategy

Scotland, like the rest of the UK, made the decision to extend the interval between two doses to 12 weeks to inject the first dose to as many people as possible. And it seems that the strategy has turned out to be very effective.

After comparing hospitalizations among those who had received this first dose with those who had not yet received an injection, the researchers found that Between four and six weeks after receiving the initial dose, both vaccines significantly reduced hospitalizations. In the case of the vaccine Pfizer / BioNTech, the decline was a 85%, while that of AstraZeneca / Oxford reduced revenue by 94%. Likewise, vaccination was associated with a 81% reduction in the risk of hospital admission in the fourth week for people aged 80 and over, one of the highest risk groups due to age.

These results are very encouraging and they have given us great reason to be optimistic about the future “because the two vaccines work” spectacularly “, stressed in Sky News Aziz Sheikh, director of the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh and lead author of the study. “Now we have national evidence, across a country, that vaccination provides protection against hospitalizations by COVID-19. It is necessary to accelerate the injection of the first dose on a global scale in order to overcome this terrible disease, “he added.

Boris Johnson’s promise to the British

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced his ambitious goal: have vaccinated the entire adult population by the end of July. “We have made it our goal to offer a vaccine to all adults by the end of July, which will help us protect the most vulnerable sooner, and we’ll take more measures to ease some of the current restrictions”, He declared. For it, The first thing will be to vaccinate adults over 50 years old before April 15 and to the people with health problems.

For now some 17.5 million people have already received the first dose of the vaccine across the UK, while around 615,000 have also been vaccinated with the second, especially people over 80 years old.