COVID-19 : The sale of dogs in pandemic skyrockets and prices rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the sale of dogs. The loneliness that many people felt during the confinement to which the Spanish population was subjected from March to June 2020 and the security measures adopted by the authorities, such as the telecommuting, have increased the need to seek company. In addition, in confinement pets also became the perfect excuse to go for a walk.

As a consequence, the demand for dogs has increased considerably, despite the fact that the price of puppies has risen from 600 to 1,200 euros. In addition, protective of animals have also been half empty. Actually, only 50% of the dogs remain, most of them belonging to the considered dangerous breed, although these animals should not be stigmatized for this reason.

Abandonment worries

The increase in adoptions and purchases of dogs can be seen as great news, since it means that these animals have found a family to live with. However, and despite the strong bond that usually unites people with their pets, professionals are concerned about abandonment to which dogs can be subjected when normalcy returns and they can travel again or do all the activities that they cannot now. “It is not a toy or gift”, so if it enters our family it will have to be one more member forever, remember the experts in statements collected by the Atlas agency.